Learning Hub

Being ready for school is serious stuff, so at Little Garden Day Nurseries we work extremely hard to make sure every child is as ready as they can be to cope with the transition to big school. Children are born curious and eager to learn, so given the right environment and the right adults, they will naturally make progress. We encourage your child to get involved, have a ‘can do’ attitude, know it’s ok to learn from mistakes as well as successes, praise them when they do well, all being essential to develop a confidence and eagerness to learn.

School Readiness

Being ready for school means being emotionally ready as well as academically ready. In fact, if a child hasn’t developed a positive self-image and strong self-esteem, they find it difficult to access whatever curriculum is offered – lacking confidence to try new things. So, part of how Little Garden get children ready for school is to build every child’s confidence, let them experience some of the things that will be different about school. Wearing a uniform, getting changed for PE, cleaning and putting away their crockery after lunch, listening to adults, keeping themselves safe by understanding and practising risk taking.

Well that’s great but can you teach them colours and to write their name? Yes – absolutely! We provide an environment that is age appropriate but also stimulating.  Our teams of highly trained key people encourage and challenge your child every step of the way. Our educators understand child development and plan a range of interesting and exciting opportunities that promote children’s curiosity, urge them to explore and drive to investigate; ensuring children are always engaged, thinking and learning.

Keeping Learning Engaging

We have dedicated times where children who are ready, go with their key person to the ‘Learning Hub’ and are offered carefully planned focus activities to promote learning in some core educational subjects. We don’t sit children at a table and trace over letters or play matching games to teach numbers – instead we teach them life skills like exploring a table of socks. We will discuss what size they are, match pairs by colour and pattern, talk about who might wear that sock and why, think about how socks are made, look up on the iPad a factory or knitting machine, have a go at making socks on a round knitting loom, guess if a sock will fit us, record that guess, write our name next to it and finally test the accuracy of our guess by trying the sock on.

So much learning from a table of socks!….and much more engaging than sitting at a table waiting for others to feed us information.

Phonics Fun

Phonics is now the ‘in’ thing. It’s not the only way to learn to read, but every parent is keen for their child to learn phonics – so how do we teach this at Little Garden?  The beginnings of phonics are learning to listen to, and distinguish between, sounds. So how about a listening walk? What can you hear? Write it down, or draw it (early writing) take a photo of it (ICT). Let’s walk in time to the beat of a song, (think army marching cadences). How about making up songs?  Choosing words that rhyme, playing with sounds to make up silly words, learning about rhythm, beat and tempo, all essential when it finally comes to sounding out letters and turning them into words and sentences.

When will my little one write their own name?

When it comes to writing it’s all about refining those large muscle movements into fine manipulative control and hand/eye co-ordination.

So, let’s go fishing for magnetic fish in a tough tub with a rod and line. Or how about making shapes and patterns in the air with a bubble wand and threading a necklace of pasta shapes and beads?  We could make marks in salt to reveal a rainbow underneath the perspex tray and spend a while at the finger gym (which is always good for developing the dexterity needed to hold and manipulate a pencil).

What’s the plan?

Our pre-school timetable ensures a balanced curriculum that cycles through phonics, writing, science and maths activities together with a little additional maths and science for good measure.

Preschool Learning Hub - Week one

AMStarting with PhonicsExploring Maths and NumberGetting ready to Mark MakeScience & InvestigationInteractive Table
PMScience & InvestigationInteractive TableStarting with PhonicsExploring Maths and NumberGetting ready to Mark Make

Preschool Learning Hub - Week two

AMInteractive TableStarting with PhonicsExploring Maths and NumberGetting ready to Mark MakeScience & Investigation
PMGetting ready to Mark MakeScience & InvestigationInteractive TableStarting with PhonicsExploring Maths and Number

Preschool Learning Hub - Week three

AMScience & InvestigationInteractive TableStarting with PhonicsExploring Maths and NumberGetting ready to Mark Make
PMExploring Maths and NumberGetting ready to Mark MakeScience & InvestigationInteractive TableStarting with Phonics

Fitting in to Stand Out

Our pre-school uniform, alongside our rucksacks, give a sense of routine, belonging and responsibility in ensuring they are ready for nursery and ready to learn each day.

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