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The Hammersmith Day Nursery & Pre-School

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Welcome to the Hammersmith Day Nursery & Pre-School. Our wonderful nursery is a warm and welcoming environment for children to have lots of fun and learn. We have recently implemented a range of measures to keep all our children safe at this current time. Please view our video to find out more…

Like our other nurseries, we have a very stable and long standing team of practitioners at Hammersmith, in fact four of our team account for almost 39 years of service, with one (our wonderful cook, Joan) being with us for 15 years.

We want children to have wonderful and inspiring learning experiences whilst in our care, so when it’s time to take the next step in the journey of education and life, they take with them lovely memories of their time with us.


  • The nursery is located just down the driveway of Richford Gate, off Richford Street. We’re just seconds away from Hammersmith Grove with quick and easy access to the District and Piccadilly lines at Goldhawk Road and Hammersmith Broadway tube stations.
  • There are main bus stops on Goldhawk Road and the bus station is also located at Hammersmith Broadway, plus we’re located within walking distance from the Westfield Shopping Centre.
  • We’re in a private development so it’s perfect for safe drop off/pick up.

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Our Building

  • Our nursery is purpose built and all on the ground floor.
  • Each of our rooms is dedicated to the children; we have a separate pre-school classroom for the older children and also a wonderfully calm sleep area for the babies

Little Buds

A wonderfully calm and relaxing room for our babies, with space to crawl and explore, new sights and sounds to stimulate the senses, and a cosy corner to cuddle in. Being in our Little Buds room offers under 2s the perfect place to begin their nursery journey.

Little Blossoms

Connected to their pre-school cousins in Little Climbers, the toddlers in Little Blossoms have space to toddle, play and learn in a vibrant and fun room. With lots of creative and messy resources, songs, stories and rhymes to encourage communication, and time outdoors every day. And when it's nap time the children can settle in the soft area and comfortably dream about their next big adventure.

Little Climbers

Being almost ready for school is serious stuff, but at Little Garden Nurseries we believe it's important that learning should be fun. So with carefully planned and structured activities that promote reading, writing, maths and science, children are learning as they play. The Little Climbers room is designed to cover all areas of learning from our dedicated IT suite to the class room based activities in readiness for the next step into school.

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What our parents say…

We love getting letters, emails and feedback from our parents!

Here’s just a few we’ve received this year:-

“Little Garden Nursery in Hammersmith has been the best place to have our little one attend. We moved from a different country and we immediately engaged with the team who made us feel welcome and even our daughter was excited to attend every day!
The team is loving and caring which is exactly what you want for this age group (1-2). She is always singing songs from nursery and we have seen a huge development boost especially in her vocabulary coming from a two language household.
We will miss the team dearly as will our little girl, but we are taking lots of good memories even in the middle of a year like this one!  Thank you”


“Little Gardens is a fantastic nursery which we would highly recommend.  Our daughter joined as a 5-month old baby and she is now a confident 20-month old toddler.  The Little Gardens staff have nurtured and guided her through every development stage.  The staff are competent and loving and they are tuned into the children’s individual needs.  The communication and management is very good which has especially showed in the professional handling of the recent Coronavirus crisis.  Every day the kids have different activities on the program, for example, crafts, baking and playing the outdoor area.  Our daughter clearly loves being at Little Gardens as she runs towards the nursery door every morning”.


“Our son absolutely loves Little Garden – and so do we!  He’s been going there for just over 18 months and we’ve nothing but positive changes from the nursery in that time.  The fantastic manager looks after a dedicated and caring team, all providing a really welcoming environment.  They’ve dealt with the uncertainty of the COVID outbreak brilliantly in recent weeks and have been very proactive about putting in place measures to reassure the parents and protect the children on their return.  Day-to-day they have a brilliant range of activities in place for the children – from Spanish to yoga – and the food is phenomenal.  Our son also loves playing in the garden and they’re good about getting the children out there almost every day.  We’re super lucky to have ended up with Little Gardens on our doorstep, and we love watching our son develop under the watchful eye of a great team.  Thank you!”


“My son has been attending Little Gardens for just over a year now.  I was incredibly impressed by all the measures they have put in place during the COVID crisis.  They have ensured that the children are happy and safe.  I have always been very happy with the nursery, often I have been reassured by their care, the management is incredible and I have often spoken to them about my son and they know everything about him even though there are so many children.  There is a wonderfully kind and personal touch to the nursery which you often do not expect but very much want in London.  Our second child is due in August and I wouldn’t send them anywhere else!


“I can’t thank the staff enough at Little Garden, they are simply amazing!  We were a little worried about our daughter returning to nursery after lockdown as she is apparently in a peak separation anxiety phase.  However, nothing had changed from when she was there before lockdown.  As we ring the buzzer at the front door in the morning, each time she smiles and gets more excited when the carer comes to the door.  It’s such a great way to start the day and get to work knowing that she is well looked after with staff who make her feel special, who really care about her development and how she’s progressing.  I can’t tell you how lovely it is that she is somewhere that she can enjoy, learn and chat to her new friends (even though she can’t even talk yet) – she pretty much doesn’t want to leave at the end of the day either!  Thanks again to all the staff there, you should be extremely proud of what you achieve there every day and the difference you make to our lives”

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