Our Story

Little Garden Day Nurseries are a family of London and South East based day nurseries and pre-schools, founded on over 25 years’ experience in caring for babies and children. The Little Garden group of nurseries offers the highest quality, professional childcare for children from 3 months to 5 years old.

The umbrella group that all of our day nurseries sit under is called Family First Pre-School Ltd.  The Family First group was established in 2019 with a clear ambition to become the number one quality childcare provider in the UK. Our aim is to grow further by acquiring well-run, local nurseries that share our vision of providing outstanding quality childcare.

What makes us different?

Four things…

  1. We are all about caring for children and what makes them tick; keeping them safe and educating them; so those important next steps into school and life are made as easy as can be.
  2. We are Little Garden, but our gardens are big fun. Children can wander, climb, splash, run, imagine or just dream in our specially designed outdoor classrooms.
  3. Our people tend to stay with us because we care about them. The majority of our practitioners are qualified and those who aren’t are usually heading towards a qualification – we are very choosy about who comes into Little Garden.
  4. Two doors to be secure – Each of our nurseries has two security doors or gates to ensure the safety and well-being of both our children and staff.

Our simple philosophy ensures your children are nurtured, cared for and inspired.  Whilst we take care of that, you can happily get on with your day.

Where are we located?….

Map of our Locations
To enquire about a place or arrange a tour - Call 0207 622 0484